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Piece of humour for adults

It comes entertain to brothel, the handful of money throws and it asks:

- What can I for this get?:

- Just za tyle, then only hen.:

It - tells Good and he took this hen.:

On second day he came and he had yet less money:

You - For this can this have a look only.

He approached so to place where different guest spied on also. It looks through little hole and it sees how Greenlandwhales' guest blowed doll. Wybuchnął so laughter.

On this entertain from side:

It - One should will come yesterday. He was here such what he fucked.

When man tells to woman świństewka this is this sexual molesting.

When woman tells to man świństewka, then this costs 4,20 zl / min. + VAT!

Guy comes to brothel. He chose me prostitute and it tells to her with whisper:

- Pani Knows, I this will do first once.

- What then Lord turns back me head here?! Let Lord go to forest and it will practice on hollows.

Guy made so. Week comes later to brothel, he took the same prostitute, and she to him:

- Lord Practiced?

- So.

She spreads leg, and he kicks her. Nervous it shouts:

- What Lord does?

I - Check or there are no wasps.

They sit two whores on pier . Siku wanted one suddenly, she squatted on end of mole and she began giving back urine laughing near this to rozpuchu. On this second whore:

- From what do oneself you laugh so?

- And because I piss to kayak someone.

On this second started throw litter about yet more

- This is not kayak this your cipsko oneself it in water reflects!

Cowboy comes in to bar and it patrzeć - miracle sits there woman. Cowboy:

- Hi. Who are?


- Lesbian...

- Eeeeee... This means?

- How I wake up I think about sex with woman, as I eat breakfast this I think about sex with woman, as I think to work ide this about sex with woman, as I eat dinner, then I think about sex with woman, as I come back to house, then I think about sex with woman, as I fall asleep, then I think about sex with woman ...

- And You, who you are?

- How I came this here I thought, that I am cowboy, but I know now, that I am Lesbian.

Guy came to brothel

- Good Day, I would like to order me girl.

I - Ask, price-list is here - mowi burdelmama.

- Ale I have not money tyle...

- Let mister show ile it has.

- Uuuu, for this dough this no girl mister will not get, mister can be only Marian

- Just how this has to be let it will be - guy pushed away.

They went down to boiler room, to Marian's smoker

- Mister Marian, customer to mister!

Mister Marian put away from carbon pail, shovels, he took off trousers and he threw out chest in customer's side. It customer looked with repugnance on dirty fat and shaggy Marian, it was tried was to him to choose, but it knows not very how.

It tells so:

- You, you would can me he helped?

On what Marian reversed head, he spat out cigarette, he fluttered with eye-lashes and he said with hoarse bass:

I - Love You ...

Mietek comes to doctor, flies unbuttons, fiuta takes out and it lies down him on desk. Surprised doctor asks:

- And what with him not so? Is it za small?

- Not, it is not za small.

- Czy it is za large?

- Not, it is not za large.

- And it can mister it hurts?

- Not, it does not hurt me.

- This what with him is?

- Nice what???

Married guy came to confession.

I - Have with sure woman romance it - tells.

- And something nearer? - priest intrigues.

- Just, we meet, but we wipe theone's face about me only, yet not the bylo of penetration!

- Friction is this the same what inserting! You will refuse 5 Hail - Mary and you will give on victim 100 zł.

Entertain he refused prayer and it acts to exit, and priest caly time observes him. It runs out from kofesjonału and it shouts:

I - Saw! - Mister did Not put 100 zł on victim!

- Ale I rubbed about tin with stówką. Only priest told, that friction this the same what inserting!

Guy comes to psychoterapeuty.

- Mister doctor, I have ostatnimi times problems from perception world.

Doctor draws out from drawer the reproduction of painting "Three heroes" and it asks:

- What mister sees here?

I - See three pedals.

- Why do?

- Just how do this why? It stands three men, no woman, it can not be differently - then pedals.

From second drawer doctor draws out painting flying cranes' key.

- And here what mister sees?

- The Key of flying pedals.

- Why do?

- Just how do this why? They fly, and every looks in ass every.

Doctor zafrasowany puts away small pictures and it asks:

- And as me you perceives?

- According to me, mister also pedal!

- Why do?

- Just how do this why? Mister sits me here, it looks at small pictures of pedals...

They in whore's hell stand before court. First devil asks:

You - Ile razy gave ass?

-200 razy!

- To boiler!

Situation repeats oneself kilkukrotnie. Next whore approaches to devil.Devil asks:

You - Ile razy gave ass?

- 80 razy!

On then devil to podwładny:

- To Thrash to hundred and to boiler!

What two whores speak they have in house animals

What two whores speak they have in house animals. One tells:

-I have skunk?

-And what exactly skunk?

-Because minetę does well.

-Just and what with stench?

-And he spewed with three days ale he was accustomed then.

Wania caught złotą fish.

- Fish: let go me I will fulfil your wish

- OK

You - want Villa?

- Not

You - want Mercedesa?

- Not

You - want for bravery Medal?

- So bright.

It resounded, jebnęło and Wania found on field of battle from two grenades in hand straight. It patrzeć and it on him napierdala 10 tanks. Pissed off by tight teeth Wania:

- Whore, posthumous she gave me!

Żul sat down on bench in park comfortably. Methylated spirits in hand keep, sipping from time to time, it masturbates with second hand. After moment it tells alone to me:

- Eh, this has not how champagne and whore.

What does cnotka differ from whore?

Train to cnotki is, and to whore queue.

New York. In bar to extra it - approaches whore entertain and it tells, from he would like to stay.

- Agreement, but remember, from I am in this city the best whore and I esteemone's worth road.

I - Have 100 $ it - can be?

- For 100 $ I can you the highest satisfy with hand.

- What??? For 100 $ hand??? You joke probably!!!

- Go out before bar, I will show something you. They go out.

You - See this ferrari? My is. I have it for doing hand Only.

I am the best. In koncu entertain it agrees. It is him well how never up to here.

"Rzeczywiscie is the best" - thought.

It comes next day to bar again, it approaches to whore and it tells:

I - have 500 Today $, we will stay?

- For 500 $ I can you najwyzej make loda.

- What??? Loda for 500 $???

- Go out before bar, I will show cos you.

They go out.

You - See this sky-scraper? I am his wlascicielką. Only for doing loda.

I am the best. Entertain it agrees and such orgasm has as never in life.

It comes back next day to bar:

I - have 1000 Today $ and I would like to amuse oneself with your pussy.

Let's - Go out before bar.

They go out. The whore shows the guest visible in distance the panorama of Manhattanu.

It paw was entertain was for glowę and it shouts:

- Just not!!! You do not want me to say probably, that...

On then whore:

- Just what you. If I was pussy, then all would be my.

It guy drives up to whore in was it is knowed what aim. It asks her:

- Ile for ruchanie?

- And ile have?

- 20 zł.

- Za little.

- Ladies yet telephone.

Prostitute after short thought agrees. After finished ticket customer gives her 20 zł:

- And telephone? - girl asks

- Write: 503...

On examination with logic student came low - cut very and in mini ( girl had supposedly conditions). She thought, that it will go her how from petal. She entered to hall, professor gave her three question in turn on which she had not knowed answer obviously. She wheedled for this horibly, public meeting in end nervous professor wrote her two and he chucked out for doors.

On corridor palls from razu ask how it went. She on this:

- This souteneur wrote me two!!!

Professor heard through half-open doors this, he ran out on corridor and he asked I about index. He rewrote on three opinion and he said:

It - Can and I am souteneur but I about my whores take care.

What two whores speak they have in house animals. One tells:

-I have skunk?

-And what exactly skunk?

-Because minetę does well.

-Just and what with stench?

-And he spewed with three days ale he was accustomed then.

Guy comes to brothel and it happens whore.

Whore:you smoked Caro!

Where from do you know?

Good whore all knows.

It comes on second day.

Whore:you smoked EL EMY.

Where from do you know?

Good whore all knows.

It comes on third day.

How these were on M...?

( someone answers here)

Good whore all knows.

Sure woman fell on idea in order to to buy on birthdays husband little animal. She was successful in this aim to zoological shop. All nice animals were for her za dear unfortunately. Resigned it asks sprzedawcy:

You - Have some cheaper animals here?

- From cheaper we have after 50 zł only frog.

- 50 zł for frog?! Why do so road?

- Because this frog I, ask woman, is quite exceptional this.. She be able to great do cane!

Woman does not wonder long she bought frog, calculating that helps out this her in this unpleasant for her action. When day of birthdays came woman handed over frog husband and she told him about her amazing abilities. Guy was somewhat sceptical, but he decided to test his present the same evening yet. Odd coming from kitchen sounds after midnight wife waked up thickly. She got up and she went to check what there it happens. When she entered to kitchen she saw husband and frog looking through cook's book. Of all kinds pots round them be set and frying pans. Amazed woman asked:

- Why you study cook's book about this hour?

- How only frog will teach to cook you - wypierdalać!

Woman had two little - samiczki, which non swore alloy and every time, when she exposed their cage chorus they shouted: "Hi! We are whores, we will make all about what you will ask". Confused woman went with problem to the priest who after long thought found solution. It says:

-Woman will bring these his samiczki to me, I have in house of theses two parrot males which read bibles still and they pray. I think, that when we get in touch it with me, samiczki's woman will was civilize.

They made so theses. Samiczki hit to cage of priest's parrots hardly, they began their concert immediately:

-Hi we are whores, we will make all about what you will ask.

Priest's samczyk on this speaks and it tells to one's buddy:

-Old fuck these books, our prayers were heard!

Mały Jasio runs up excited to house and it shouts from threshold:

Jasio: We sit mum, mum, to me all at neighbour neighbor and ogładamy pornuski!

Mother: THAT WHAT?!

Jasio: Calmly, mum. This only child porn!

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