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From the streets to chat

To this day, many people in the word prostitute comes to mind sight of scantily clad girls under the proverbial lantern. However, times are changing, and with them changing the way how the girls establish contact with the customer. We decided to write a few thoughts on this subject.

The era of digitalisation

inernetu In an era of ever more services are moved to the digital world. Increasingly, We are using the online shopping. Fewer and fewer young people watching a traditional TV, choosing instead a more interactive form available on the Internet. Also Traditional CDs are slowly fading to rest for MP3 files exchanged links digital. Today, even the radio, you can listen via the internet. Formerly you need to get to know someone was out of the house. Popular meeting places were different kinds of bars, pubs and discos. Today, more and more often, these methods supersede dating sites and chat rooms.

Chat hookers

It is no wonder that the girls began to look for their customers over the Internet. For chats - even those not linked formally with sex - regularly be encountered on nicknames aga_teraz type, ona_dla_ciebie, lodzik_50pln or containing symbolic dollar signs. They have dyskretnnie suggest that it is about sex for money. Preferably in an ambiguous way, so as to avoid the ban Administrator (chat regulations not related to eroticism in general prohibit sexual proposals to other users). Audiophiles call often such girls "czatówkami". They prey on their customers in virtual calls, attracting them with their nicknames. One would like to simply say that lie in wait for them. First contact is then performed to chat. You can ask about pricing and range of services. In the case of interest is transferred to the contact by telephone, whereupon there is a match in the "real world".

Modern "pigalak"

Historically, the girls gathered in contractual places commonly called "pagalakiem". This name comes from the legendary French Pigalle district, which was known all over the world of the existence of its many brothels. Indeed, one can say that the legend is wziąż alive, because nowadays you can find there a number of premises "peep-show", sex shops and the Similar shrines pleasure. On the "pigalakach" girls "czatowały" to its customers. And today a they wait, but more often they do it virtually. It seems that the role of the former pigalaków more take charge chats. After all, we have the twenty-first century Lord! Street wench started use the Internet.

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