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Only anal

Anal sex is still a taboo subject in our country - despite the fact that as Durex report showed more than 30% people admit to such practices. However, when we look in the internet discussion on anal, then surely we think about we are not indifferent. Eye you could say that the penetration pupa has so many enemies, what and supporters. Discussion forums roll fierce discussions in which is to collide with soba two opposite fronts. Opinions range from extreme disgust or lack of understanding, until fascination with anal practices.

However, if you have someone admits to practicing anal sex, it is generally treats it as a supplement to other practices. On the Internet you can find a lot of opinions in which advertising anal sex as "interesting diversion, something that can enhance a past life intimate. Most fans of the narrow aperture still cultivates classical sex, and anal reach - as they declare - only when it starts to bug their desire. It seems that such a statement can be especially often meet women.

It turns out that there is a narrow group of people for whom anal sex is so unique that it completely forgo vaginal relations for the fun of ass. What's more, among them even women. Community, although far very little, found its place on the Internet at visit analonlylifestyle.com .

On - apart from the standard discussion about anal sex (ie for example. advice on hydration, exchange of experience, agonizing about anal orgasm, etc.) - you can get to know the people who voluntarily resigned from the classical (ie. vaginal) sex to penetration ass. There you can meet even marriage, which for years only practice anal sex. There is also a special section where people talk about how they became 'analonly'.

Although the forum is in English, is meant to cover the whole world. There you can meet people of different nationalities. In total we find the Americans, the British, Frenchmen, Spaniards and Canadians. It turns out that Poles also managed to find said page.

In conclusion, if you have long been fascinated by tighter hole, but when you view comments complete lack of understanding or even a stroke of hatred (encountered eg. the Internet) wonder or wondered if you are sure you all right, that this forum will you feel as among their own.

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