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How much for one hour?

Ile costs hour of party with girl in our country? Czy difference is, in what province we live? If so, then where do the cheapest? How are the large spreads of prices in Poland? Surely many it with You gave me though once such questions. We decided to examine this subject more deeply. In this aim we collected statistics from over 40 Polish sides including sociable notices.

Averages of price in hour of paid sex

we On first fire checked the averages of price of sociable services - both in scale of country how and in individual provinces. It turned out, that hour of paid sex in Poland costs average 155PLN. The prices in individual regions of country are enough similar. It hesitation between they reach with individual provinces to 26% only. Lubuskie provinces the cheapest fell out and kujawsko-pomorskie we - will pay on average less there than 120PLN / h. The dearest province turned out Mazovian, which was foresee easily. Average price reaches 157PLN there / h. In forefront the dearest such regions found regions also how świętokrzyskie province (150PLN) and Lower - Silesian (149PLN).

Statistics lie

we Pass me matter, that limitation oneself it to uśrednionej of price can only does not give sufficiently good orientation in subject. He why not one of us passed me from this the matter the słysząć even if about average national. Problem with value average is such, that he does not measure in no way spread of prices. To better to examine matter we checked what the schedules of prices are - both in general statistics how and for every province from separate.< br /> If we look for cheap sex this we should be successful to provinces kujawsko-pomorskiego, łódzkiego or of Little Poland. If in tym it will come to meeting sponsored regions, then it is the largest probability, that we will pay not more than 100PLN in hour. Interesting it is, that if to take under attention the schedule of prices, and the not only straight line the average how previously, then even Warsaw { the province Mazovian) it does not fall out so bad. Until 18,90 % I offer Mazovian girls service in price not crossing 100 zloties.< br /> However, Warsaw distinguishes oneself significantly if 300PLN walks about part of offers above / h. It marks this, that we in this regione will find the most tzw. " girls' eskluzywnych". To just this fact is so, he inflated average counted in previous paragraph strongly.

< mg src="/img/articles/count_price.png" />

Summing up, if we look for cheap sex the most easily it will be about this in provinces kujawsko-pomorskim, the łódzkim, of Little Poland and - about irony - Mazovian. In these regions at least what fifth girl not crossing 100PLN offers in price his services / h. Province is record holder here kujawsko-pomorskie, where this concerns over 1/3 div.< br /> We will find the most offers VIP however in Mazovian province. Here over half of offers it joins with extradition at least 200PLN, and what I wait fifth girl bonus from 300PLN up.

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