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Lord, I only gave suck!

deadline of folding of PIT approaches Just - that for minony tax year. It is then time when we need supply documentary evidence before Treasury Office got by us earnings. There is no problem if our income restrains to yearlong work np. on vacancy. However on subject some sources of our income, we would like not necessarily to inform fiskus. Particularly, when really we will have then to pay due from them tax. What then we can make? How Poles' ingeniousness turns out is here huge. We will to look on one of possibility.

State brothel? This no kids.

it How was it is knowed universally, drawing with somebody's prostitution material advantages is in Poland forbid. It regulates then Art. 204 penal code. In thought this illegal it is for example the leadership of sociable agency in our country. It does not be forbid however independent earning on service sexual services. Since so grey citizen it can not pull off from somebody's prostitution payments, this is not przystoi the more then government. This marks, that if state would like to take from come from from somebody's earnings tax prostitution, then it would come to fracture of right.

Swept under carpet

this fact was one of causes of present tax right Probably. Contained instruction in art. 2 mouths. 1 pkt 4 Law with day 26 July 1991r. about profitable tax from natural persons (Dz. U. Nr 14, poz. 176 from zm.), state, that it does not comply to receipts the recipes of law resulting with the action which can not be the object of legally effective contract. Possible the sources of income be catalogued in art. 10 tej┼╝e law. It turns out, that we will not find there the come from from service of sexual services income - even in section of receipts tax. This marks, that in incident so we are not at all got money obliged to folding of PIT - at documenting such income.

From fiskusem not so easily

However to outwit Treasury Office never it was not easily. And how medias bring in this concrete it is case more and more harder. After ostatnich changes in almost tax, then on tax-payer pregnancy duty, to he proved, that this earned on prostitution. If his arguments they will not convince officials, he be becomes hugged 75% tax from of earnings ujawniony tzw.. Np. of the customers' evidence for proofs can serve. Problem however in this, that exceptionally little who he would like to admit official to using with paid sex. And jeszce harder such to find if whole matter is only fictitious. In such conditions to be pressed easily to wall. What do to do in such incident? Ehm... maybe proposal quick blowjob for five tenners would solve a problem?.

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