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Piece of humour for adults

It comes entertain to brothel, the handful of money throws and it asks: - What can I for this get?: - Just za tyle, then only hen.: It - tells Good and he took this hen.: On second day he came and he had yet less money: You - For this can this have a ...

From the streets to chat

To this day, many people in the word prostitute comes to mind sight of scantily clad girls under the proverbial lantern. However, times are changing, and with them changing the way how the girls establish contact with the customer. We ...

Only anal

Anal sex is still a taboo subject in our country - despite the fact that as Durex report showed more than 30% people admit to such practices. However, when we look in the internet discussion on anal, then surely we think about we are not ...

How much for one hour?

Ile costs hour of party with girl in our country? Czy difference is, in what province we live? If so, then where do the cheapest? How are the large spreads of prices in Poland? Surely many it with You gave me though once such questions. ...

Lord, I only gave suck!

deadline of folding of PIT approaches Just - that for minony tax year. It is then time when we need supply documentary evidence before Treasury Office got by us earnings. There is no problem if our income restrains to yearlong work np. ...

New site released

We are pleased to inform you that as of today launched a new version of the site All this in order to deliver the product jeszce higher quality, better suited to your needs, allowing jeszce easier to find your dream job. Among the ...

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